Scholarships; Moving Up and Moving On

Senior School
23 Oct 20

Over the last few weeks, some of our Year 6 pupils were preparing for their Senior School Scholarship interviews. Matilda F and Seb H (both Year 6) have each written a report about what they experienced throughout the process. You can read their reports below:

Matilda Foreman

“In preparation for our SVS Scholarship interviews, we started by attending groups that informed us about what the scholarships involved and what followed should we be successful. To practise, we started by performing pieces for our groups, as if we were in our Drama/Music Scholarship assessment, displaying our different techniques if we were working towards the Art Scholarship and taking part in fitness tests as if we had our sights on the Sports Scholarship.

When the time came to complete our assessments, we were all nervous, but we tried our hardest and completed our assigned tasks. With limited spaces for each pathway, we all had high hopes of being awarded a slot allowing us to continue at Sutton Valence Senior School, further developing our skills in our specialist subject.”

Seb Harmer

“Last week, many of us in Year 6 started our journeys into secondary education, some of us took the 11+ and some of us undertook SVS Scholarship assessments. This first step was daunting and after a strange half term, we faced our new challenges together.

One of the biggest things that I have learnt at SVPS, is that all we can do is try to do our best and prepare for every challenge that we face. With exams and school interviews still to come, we could try to set ourselves goals, however small, to work towards. Over Half Term, we will continue to focus on working hard as a year group and will focus on entrance exams in later weeks, but from these tests, we can take away good life skills when put under pressure.

I hope everyone will enjoy a well-deserved half term break and try to experience something new; cooking, a new sport and a small goal that you and your family will enjoy, to help keep us all fit and ready for the next term that awaits us, with new challenges and experiences!”