Resplendent Roosters

Senior School
22 Nov 19

“The dignity of the artist lies in his duty of keeping awake the sense of wonder in the world.” Marc Chagall

Year 6 have been inspired by the artist Marc Chagall and they have taken his words to heart.  They are keeping the sense of wonder alive in their rooster drawings!  The rooster was a common motif in Marc Chagall’s work, a link to his early life in a rural setting.  Intense colour also became a feature and Year 6 have captured this intensity in their own work.  Roosters, with their red combs and beady eyes, have been closely observed by the Year 6 artists.  They have focused on capturing a real rooster with its proud plumage, using pencils and their drawing skills.  Mark making, shading and colour all worked together to keep awake the wonder of roosters!  Their drawings are studies in preparation for… a rooster painting!  With such a dignified, resplendent subject, Year 6’s duty as an artist is done!  Their roosters are wonderful!