Duke of Edinburgh Challenge Day

Senior School
22 Nov 19

Wednesday morning was the start of what was going to be an exciting day, from the bus journey to an unknown location and getting stuck knee high in the mud.  It was an amazing chance to practise our skills in a real life situation, with our friends.  We did, however, have the comfort of knowing we had the Sixth Formers to guide us back to School if we needed them!  We had two challenges to complete as a group throughout the day.  Firstly, we had to build a Lego model using only a picture for reference.  We also had to answer some trivia questions on Harry Potter, which was great to take our minds off the walking (and the mud), while we enjoyed our lunch.  It was a great opportunity to practise for our real Duke of Edinburgh expedition and with this experience we can hopefully now pass in the summer and add it to our CV!

Oliver Barr

Third Form