Que Tal?

Prep School
18 Nov 22

This week, Year 6 pupils learnt how to discuss their feelings in Spanish. They listened attentively and demonstrated their understanding by engaging in conversations, asking and answering questions in the context of talking about how they were.

They were then given the opportunity to practise the new language in an emoji matching activity, some children stretched themselves further by having a go at a Spanish greetings’ tarsia puzzle, consolidating the language they had acquired this term. They ended the lesson by attempting to create a short role-play using the language learnt so far.

It was very pleasing to see a number of pupils take up the challenge to use a language dictionary to incorporate some additional vocab to their pieces. Language dictionaries enable pupils to obtain a broader vocabulary, understand pronunciation, learn the correct spelling of words, as well as offering learners the chance to use their Super Hoot learning power of Independence. Muy bien, Year 6!

If you bump into one of our Year 6 pupils, why not ask them ¿Que Tal?