Prep School
10 Dec 21

Last Friday, members of our Press Gang arrived at School early to participate in a live Q&A session with HIKSVS, our sister school in China.

Tess, Xanthe, Isabella, Olivia Q, Olivia W and Tilly loved talking to the Chinese children, staff and their Headmaster. They took turns asking and answering questions.

Q1 from HIKSVS – When was the SVS School built?

Tess answered:

Our School started off just as a Senior School and it was founded in 1576.

In 1994 Underhill, which was renamed Sutton Valence Preparatory School, joined SVS.

Q2 from Xanthe to HIKSVS – What are the timings of the School day?

We go to School at 7.50am and the first class is at 8.35am. After the first four lessons, we have our lunch break at 12.20pm. We have three more lessons in the afternoon and finish at 4.20pm.

Q3 from HIKSVS – Do you have Chinese lessons at School? What languages do you speak?

Olivia Q answered:

We shall be learning Mandarin next term, which is exciting! We learn French and when we get to Year 6, we get to learn Spanish too.

Q4 from Isabella to HIKSVS – What are your School dinners like?

Normally, we will have either Western food or Chinese food. Some Western foods we like are hamburgers, hotdogs and pasta. My favourite Chinese food is steamed buns with meat. In Chinese, we call them baozi.

Q5 from HIKSVS – How do you celebrate Christmas in the UK?

Tilly and Olivia W answered:

At School we have a Carol Service, we go to the theatre to see a pantomime and we have a Christmas lunch. In the Pre-Prep, they perform a nativity play. On the last day of term, we have a School quiz called Bubbles and Brains when the Houses compete against each other.

Q6 from Olivia to HIKSVS – Do you have a favourite place in the School?

The places I like at School are the Art classroom, the playground and the ICT. room, but my favourite place is the Music room because there are lots of songs to sing and instruments to play.

Hopefully, this will be the first of many live links with HIKSVS.