Prefect Piece: The Christmas Fair

Prep School
9 Dec 22

Kenji J-T (Year 6) talks in his prefect piece below about the SVPSPA Christmas Fair and his experience being an elf in Santa’s Grotto.

On Saturday, the School hosted a Christmas Fair and it was really nice. You bring your money and spend it there at lots of stalls. You could buy sweets, books and there was even an ice cream van – my favourite!

Lots of talented people bring in things to sell. It was really interesting to see different products. There was also a really nice place called ‘Elfridges’ where you could get your parents’ presents without them seeing you and the people there would help you wrap the presents that you got for your parents.

I was an elf at Santa‘s Grotto, where you could meet Santa and he will gives you a present to put under your tree, or open at that time. The best part about being an elf was giving presents to children and the worst bit was having to put on blush, I do not think I will want to wear makeup again anytime soon! We had a really nice time and everyone got into the Christmas spirit. Merry Christmas!”

Grotto Photos from:  Clive Allcorn Photography, Mobile: 07989 356111, Instagram: @cliveallcorn, Facebook: , Website: