Prefect Piece: Lewis O

Prep School
9 Dec 22

Lewis O (Year 6) talks in his prefect piece below about his love for G13 Bouldering, a form of rock climbing.

“I like to do something called G13 bouldering. If you have not heard of this before, I would like to tell you about it. G13 bouldering is a form of rock climbing and is for anyone.

If you are new to climbing, I would recommend a family taster session and then, when you are ready, you can go free range, but you still need to be supervised by an adult. You have no harness, but you only go up 4.5 metres and there is a soft landing if you fall.

The climbing holds are all colour co-ordinated: pink is the easiest but can sometimes get hard followed by lots of other colours until you get to white which is the hardest (trust me, it is extremely hard) and blue which is off circuit so it could be any difficulty.

It can be not just physically but also mentally challenging as you must be careful where you put your hands and feet. I have lots of fun doing this and would recommend it!”