Prefect Piece – Isaac F

Prep School
10 Jun 22

In the following prefect piece, Isaac F (Year 6) talks about his love for scootering.

During my free time, I love to ride scooters, going to the skatepark and meeting lots of other people on their scooters! My favourite skatepark I have been to is called Revolution and it is in Broadstairs and just recently I learnt to ‘drop in’ on a ten-foot-high quarter pipe there. When I ride my scooter, it makes me feel really energised and happy. It is also great exercise.

There are three different rooms at Revolution, one consists of big ramps, another is full of mini-ramps and the last one is called the Flow Room which was built last week, I tried it in Half Term and it is now my favourite room to ride in.

I also like to watch scootering videos on YouTube to get tips on techniques and to learn new tricks such as tail-whips, bar-spins, 360s etc. I like watching videos by Raymond Warner in particular. He is a professional scooter rider from California. He has a signature deck which I saved up my pocket money for almost three months to be able to buy.

A few months ago, with the help of my dad, I built a box out of an old pallet and put some metal on the edge so I could learn to grind on it at home. I also sometimes practice tricks whilst bouncing on the trampoline. Scootering can be quite dangerous so I always make sure to wear my pads and helmet!

Isaac F, Year 6 Prefect