Prefect Piece: Emily H

Prep School
13 Jan 23

Emily H (Year 6) talks in her prefect piece below about her love for learning languages and how the languages she is learning have already helped her in day-to-day life:

Hi, I am Emily and I love learning languages! I am learning French and Spanish at School and am teaching myself Ukrainian and Dutch. Through learning another language, I also get to know new places and discover how other people live; it is really interesting learning about other countries’ traditions, cultures, food and celebrations.

I put my Ukrainian to good use when a new girl joined my gymnastics class and I was able to talk to her. She really appreciated that I spoke her language. If you are interested in learning a language, some useful websites and apps are Duolingo, Google Translate, Babble and Busuu. Here are some ways you can say “Hi!” in the languages I have learnt:

Bonjour! (French), Pryvit! (Ukrainian) , Hoi! (Dutch), Hola (Spanish), Hello! (English)