Prefect Piece: Avia E

Prep School
25 Nov 22

Avia E (Year 6) talks in her prefect piece below about her passion for Hockey and the variety of sport at the School:

“Hi, it is me again, Avia. I am really passionate about Hockey. It is my second favourite sport, after Netball of course. Hockey is one of the many sports that we do at School. We have a variety of sports at the School. The girls do Hockey and Netball, the boys do Football, Rugby, and Hockey and all together, we do Cricket and Athletics.

Mr Copping, Head of Sport, is the teacher for the Hockey team I am in. Every full term we have a new sport and because the teachers specialize in certain sports, we have different teachers for the higher teams. In Hockey, we have Mr Copping for the A team and Mrs Jacobs for the B team. In Netball, we have Mrs Skelly and Mrs Colwell for the A and B teams and in Cricket, it tends to be Mr Strydom. Every week we have a match against other schools. On other days, we might have tournaments as well. “