Astounding Action Teams

Prep School
25 Nov 22

As part of pupil voice, students are encouraged to set up an Action Team if they have an idea to make a difference to the School community. This could be an idea to change something in School for the better or to share a passion. They give students the power to make decisions and become leaders of change.

Anyone can set up or join an Action Team, all they need is an idea, some people to help and a staff sponsor. The pupils give up their time to work on their projects, some of which have been permanent, like Warhammer Club, and others temporary, such as the Halloween Arts and Crafts Club.

Over the past few weeks, we have had several clubs that have been set up and run by our pupils. Warhammer is a fantasy realm game, in which participants can improve their engineering, arts, and mathematic skills. Pupils had to build the models themselves before they could start playing. It was quite astonishing to see so many of our Year 6 pupils so focused and dedicated to the creation of a board game, before even getting the opportunity to play. They also had the pleasure of Mr Moulton dropping into one of their sessions to share his skill and knowledge set.

Some of the pupils also set up a Halloween Arts and Craft session, run purely for our younger pupils, in which they shared their Art and Design Technology skills such as making pop-up cards. Another group set up an Animal Club, to give other members of our school community the opportunity to learn how to care for small animals.

Pokémon Club has proven a big hit, giving participants the opportunity to gain social skills, as well as a chance to use mathematic skills. Players need to make quick calculations in their head, often involving numbers in their thousands. Dodgeball Club has made a return, and we now also have a student-led Minecraft Club, Tag Rugby and Outdoor Nature Club amongst many others.

It has been a pleasure to see the students inspired by their interests and investing in the time and process to share this with their peers.