Prefect Piece – Adam S

Prep School
20 Jan 23

Adam S (Year 6) talks in his prefect piece about men’s Rugby and explains relevant news to do with The Six Nations and The World Cup.

If you feel confused when people talk about men’s Rugby this year, this is just for you. There are two big rugby tournaments this year: the Six Nations and the World Cup. The Six Nations is between the home nations (England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland), France and Italy and starts in February. The men’s Rugby World Cup is going to be held in France in the autumn.

The Six Nations: England’s schoolboy coach
England men’s Rugby right now is very exciting with the recent appointment Steve Borthwick as head coach. Steve Borthwick started playing for England as a schoolboy. He went on to be the captain of the England International team and has now returned as the coach.
Though England have got a brand-new coach, Wales have reappointed Warren Gatland who is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s best rugby coaches.

The World Cup: Ireland jinxed?
Whilst Wales and England are hoping to be on the up going into the World Cup, Ireland is already at the top of the world rankings. But Ireland always seems to do badly at World Cups, losing to New Zealand in the quarter-finals last time. Irish fans hope that they will be able to shake this jinx!