Pre-Prep Wildlife Art Competition

Senior School
27 Nov 20

Our Pre-Prep children had great fun entering the Art competition, with the theme being ‘wildlife’. We saw an excellent variety of animals, textures, techniques and styles from our Pre-Prep children, making it very difficult to decide on a winner! You can see the results below.

You can watch the exhibition here. 


Highly Commended Izzy M (Reception)


A bright, colourful picture. Lovely use of collage to capture the beauty of a butterfly. Thomas A-W (Reception)


Lovely use of nature, leaves and expressive mark-making to capture the hedgehog’s spikes. Tilly S (Year 1)


A super painting with lots of delicate detail to capture a pheasant’s colour and pattern. Thomas R (Year 1)


A lot of character, boldly drawn bat with an eye-catching composition. Hadley G-S (Year 2)

‘Feathery Owl’

Wonderful use of feathers to capture the soft downy detail of an owl. Theo Lander (Year 2)



The eye-catching orange fox captures your attention in cleverly drawn background.