Informal Concert – Year 5

Senior School
27 Nov 20

At the end of last week, a magical feeling settled on School House as some stunning Christmas decorations appeared around the main entrance.  Our Year 5 children then added to the sparkle with outstanding performances, in the Music Room, at the first of our informal concerts for this term. 

Huge congratulations to the children who took part: Callan A, Barney B, Esmée B, Jessica C, Sienna C, Sophia D, Rachel J, Ishaan P, Esme S and Olivia W-N.  Even though their audience was necessarily very small, the children’s excitement and supportive camaraderie generated a wonderful atmosphere.

They performed a varied repertoire in a range of different styles with panache and confidence, so that the handful of staff who were lucky enough to attend were richly entertained. 

Many congratulations to all involved, including the team of wonderful visiting music teachers who prepared the children for their performances par excellence!

You can watch the concert here.