Portrayed in Portraits

Prep School
3 Mar 23

Pupils in Year 5 had the pleasure of drawing real-life models in the Art Room. The children dusted off their portrait drawing techniques from Year 4 with a quick recap of facial feature proportion, drawing one another as a warm-up to reinforce observational and shading skills.

With their drawing pencils poised, Year 5 artists welcomed Mr Scholey and Mrs Leckie into the Art Room for an hour of portrait sitting. Once they were seated comfortably, both with a book in their hands, the children began the task of creating portraits that portrayed and celebrated the sitters.

Silence fell as concentration rose – individuality and interpretation were uniquely expressed through each portrait and further enhanced by the addition of colour, collage and detail in follow-up lessons.

Some of the portraits will be sent to Sky Arts, and their team on Portrait Artist of the Year will select their favourites to appear on the channel this summer. Hopefully, this will include a showcase of Mr Scholey and Mrs Leckie masterpieces, the patient and much-appreciated portrait models.