Outer Space 2022

Prep School
25 Feb 22

Have you ever been curious about what it would be like to float in space?​ What would it really look like through the visor of an astronaut’s helmet?​ Year 5 had the opportunity to explore this concept artistically on Curiosity Day. With a background of stellar music floating around the creative space of the Art room, the children immersed themselves in images of space, constellations and astronauts.

Their curiosity was extended to experimenting outside on the grass, with splattering and flicking paint to capture their own outer space image. Embracing the abstract expressionist style of the artist Jackson Pollock, the children threw their enthusiasm and imagination into creating out-of-this-world effects with paintbrushes and a galaxy of colours.​ Curiously, their outer space scenes are a sensory solace of movement, colour and escapism that we can all partake in, even if we are not wearing an astronaut’s helmet.​