Our Year 1 Explorers

Prep School
14 Oct 22

This week, children in Year 1 have been acting out the story of Grandad’s Island using different props to depict Grandad throughout the story. They used different voices to retell the story and, through role play, their stories had a beginning, middle and end. They all worked incredibly hard to complete an independent writing activity to retell Grandad’s Island in their own words.

In Mathematics, the children played a ‘one more, one less’ game with a partner. To develop their understanding of place value the children worked out how to partition teen numbers using Numicon, with the part whole method. They also consolidated their understanding of two dimensional shapes by drawing and writing their properties.

Our Science investigation included finding out about our senses with the children exploring their sense of taste, they identified different foods and grouped them; bitter, salty, sweet or sour.