Animals in Autumn

14 Oct 22

Children in Nursery have been extremely busy this week.

Little Steps children have looked at different animals and have recreated their own hedgehogs using coloured rice and a variety of materials to represent the spikes. The children have also explored autumn through ice and have had conkers and leaves frozen and they have had to find ways to get them out! Next week, they will be exploring different textures through playdough and slime.

Young Climbers have explored their creative sides this week. As well as looking at the changes in the weather, they have also looked at animals we notice in the autumn. The children have created their own paintings of different animals, as well as learning about robins. The children used paper plates to create their own representations of a robin and talked about the different colours they could see on their robins. Next week, they will continue to focus on the weather changing and using this with their artwork and role play with woolly hats and scarfs. The letter of the week will be ‘T’.