Our ICT Learning

Senior School
8 Nov 19

In Year 3, the children have been working on using the Shift and Caps Lock keys, as part of their word processing topic. They have got used to using the Shift button to write capital letters in an address and have discussed why this is better than using the Caps Lock button. They have also used the Shift key to replace punctuation errors in a piece of text.

Year 4 children have been looking at newspaper headlines and are now at the stage of the topic where they are preparing to make their own newspaper pages.  They have looked at some examples of newspapers and how they are laid out and will be focussing on using the Heading and Column tools as well as adjusting photographs to fit within the text.

In Year 5, they have begun learning about object-based graphical modelling.  They considered the way in which object-based packages differ from traditional “Paint” programmes and used their newfound skills to produce their own versions of Matisse’s Snail.

The Year 6 pupils have been developing their skills in their online safety topic, Be Internet Awesome, by looking at some potential dangerous online scenarios and how to respond to them.  They worked in groups to act out the scenarios and decide how they would respond, with other children then reviewing and discussing their solutions. 

Mr Evans

Head of ICT