New Learning Powers

Senior School
8 Nov 19

This Half Term we will be focusing on two new Learning Powers; Empathy and Reflection. We will be thinking about Super Hoot’s eyes in particular as we learn to look through the eyes of others, take a second look at a problem and also having a look at ourselves in the mirror.

The children have been challenged by the following list of questions, designed to promote leadership skills in CEOs:

Am I being a person others can respect?

Am I meeting the expectations I set for others around me?

Am I considering the feelings of others?

Am I using my talents fully?

Am I performing at my peak capacity?

Am I giving my teachers, family and friends my most and my best?

Am I engaging in worthy activity?

Am I making a positive impact on the world or my surroundings?

Additionally, they have been considering the meaning of a famous Native American Prayer:

“O Great Spirit, grant that I may not criticise another until I have walked a mile in his moccasins.”

As ever, thank you in advance for your support in reinforcing these messages at home.

James Watkins

Deputy Head