Creative with Clay

Senior School
8 Nov 19

It was all hands on their clay in 5DB’s Design Technology lesson this week. Their creative journey began with a brief: to design an animal inspired bowl which could be sold as a souvenir in Hever Castle’s gift shop. From the start, their journey required decision making: What animal would they choose and research? How would they present their fact finding? What would their bowl look like? In addition, they had to analyse similar products and identify how design and function go hand in hand. Then they took to the high seas to explore and innovate ideas. Throughout their animal bowl adventure, the children have been given opportunities to take risks and so become more resourceful, innovative, enterprising and capable. The hands on modelling of clay, both tactile and therapeutic, cast a creative calm over the art room as the children created their bespoke, purposeful product – an animal bowl, the treasure from their creative journey.