National Poetry Day

Senior School
9 Oct 20

Last Thursday was National Poetry Day and to celebrate, children throughout the School have been discovering and writing poetry.

Year 3 focused on their class text I’ll take you to Mrs Cole. They looked at writing an acrostic poem about Mrs Cole and in pairs created an interesting and descriptive poem.

In Year 4, pupils wrote shiver-inducing poems all about Sir Ernest Shackleton’s expedition through Antarctica in his ship The Endurance. They really focused on setting the scene during that amazing adventure across the ice, using the five human senses.

In Year 5, children concentrated on using similes and metaphors to describe events in Michael Morpurgo’s, Kensuke’s Kingdom. What did the island look like? How did Michael feel? Whose eyes were watching him?

Finally, Year 6 delved deep into the minds of the witches from Macbeth. What ghastly potion could the children concoct, studying Shakespeare’s language and modern-day comparisons? They are potions you certainly would not want to drink!