French Fun

Senior School
9 Oct 20

All the children in Pre-Prep and Prep have been very busy in their French lessons this week. 

In Pre-Prep, our French Puppets, Lulu, Léo, Minou le Chat and cheeky Trottine la Souris, have been helping pupils with their new French words, games and phrases. 

In Nursery, the children learnt a new game: Cache-Cache – Hide and Seek. 

In Reception, Lulu and Léo have been showing the children how to say their colours in French. Minou, ‘J’aime le bleu’ and Trottine, ‘J’aime le rouge.’ 

Year 1 met Minou and Trottine’s friends this week and learnt all their names and what they are: Nounours l’ours, Audrey la poupée, Gaston le ballon, François le soldat and Marco le robot. 

Finally, Year 2 practised their Toc, Toc, Toc chant and revised asking and saying their names, ‘Comment t’appelles-tu? Je m’appelle…’

In Prep, Year 3 have been watching their Ecole des Singes (Monkey School) cartoon, having mastered all the new vocabulary they needed to understand it.  They met three little monkeys, ‘trois petits singes: Panpan, Mimi and Doudou.’ 

Year 4 have been practising their numbers to 31 and enjoyed playing pairs on the whiteboard, ‘garcons v filles’ – boys against girls.  They are now ready to read their story next lesson, L’Ecole Magique (Magic School.) 

In Year 5, it was time to practise saying our French alphabet – and a catchy rap tune helped them to remember it all. 

Year 6 have been working on their weather phrases using the new Microsoft Go and Linguascope. 

Next week, they will start to write their own weather reports and then perform them in pairs.  Fingers crossed ‘il va faire beau!’

Madame Buttle