Moy Mackay – Bright and Colourful!

Senior School
12 Nov 21

Year 6 has sharpened their coloured pencil techniques in preparation for their own Moy Mackay-inspired compositions. They applied the memorable mark-making and tonal skills they learnt in Year 5 and added a colourful twist.

Using light and heavy mark-making pressure were the starting points for their drawing exercises and when combined with layering, graduated shading, burnishing and cross-hatching, their coloured pencils created some new, bright techniques.

Drawing inspiration from their focus artist, Moy Mackay, Year 6 selected areas of her artworks to master their coloured pencil techniques and capture the vibrant colours and tactile style of her felted landscapes.

A lot of colouring meant a lot of pencil sharpening, so Year 6 extended their artistic talents to sculpting with pencil shavings and created a beautiful bouquet of flowers!