Moving Moments

Senior School
14 Nov 19

Sometimes, it is the simplest things that give the most pleasure. Such was the case in the Design Technology  lesson in 3S.  The children explored how a pneumatic system works, using syringes, plastic tubing and balloons, grasping the mechanics of this very simple system.  Great fun was had when the ends of syringes darted across the classroom and balloons twisted and twirled above the teacher’s head!  Amazingly, all powered by…air!

A pneumatic system is a system that uses compressed air to transmit and control energy.  Therefore, it is a very clever way of generating movement.  3S put this theory to the test when they created a cardboard cave and a monster.  Working as a team with their partner, they drew, decorated, cut and stuck with fervour.  As a result, monstrous characters were created, along with a suitable monster habitat.  Finally, it was time for the magic of air to rear its powerful head, so the children attached their pneumatic systems.  This was the moment that moved me – the sheer delight and pleasure on the children’s faces when their monster emerged from its cave and retreated.  All accomplished by a simple pull and push on a syringe, creativity and pneumatics.

A truly moving Design and Technology moment!

Mrs Savage

Head of Design Technology