Mind Maps – P4L

Senior School
8 Oct 21

As part of our P4L lessons in Year 2, we have been learning about mind maps. What are mind maps, and why are these something that we deem as important for our children to learn? 

Mind maps are diagrams that offer children opportunities to record vast amounts of information in a quick and methodical way. These diagrams allow children to record their thoughts using images and keywords, rather than having to write sentences to develop ideas. This method of learning is a superb skill for children to get to grips with in preparation for their future lives and careers. It helps with revision and it can be transferred to many other areas of their lives, including organising their busy lives as they get older. As teachers, we often use mind maps as a starting point to plan our class topics. These ideas are then shared with the children. We start our new termly topic with something called a ‘stunning starter’, which allows children to mind map all they know on the subject. Following this, the children spend a number of weeks learning more about the topic and towards the end, they add the additional information they have learnt to their mind map. Creating a mind map also builds self-esteem, as it is a visual way to allow children to see all they know on a subject.

Our P4L lessons this term have involved reflecting on ourselves, mind mapping what are the important things in our lives, such as family, pets, games to play, hobbies and, of course, one of our favourite areas, the foods we love. The children’s mind maps used a variety of colours, illustrations and words, and successfully told us a little more about one another.

I learnt that some of my class want to be football players and, when they are ‘too old to play’, they would like to be a manager. Mrs Crampton discovered that the children in her class have a wide range of hobbies and interests outside of School and that one child’s favourite food was camembert cheese!

I hope this piece has inspired some of our children to use their mind mapping skills for it is a quick and simple method to record ideas and will certainly help with future learning. 

You can see Luca’s fantastic mind map below.

Miss McCarmick, Head of Pre-Prep