CREST Awards 2021

Senior School
15 Oct 21

We are incredibly proud to announce that Ben Knighton, Alexander Tolhurst (both Upper Sixth) and Thomas Dolan (Lower Sixth) have been awarded a CREST award this term of outstanding project work Science. CREST is a national award scheme that recognises the work of students in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). They had to complete several weeks of research and practical investigations on a subject of their own choice and then submit substantial reports and video evidence for assessment by the British Science Association.

Ben achieved the top-level Gold CREST award for his work on electromagnetic energy transfer, which is the basis of wireless charging. The examiners were very impressed by the depth and complexity of his work for such a young student.

Alex investigated loudspeaker systems, building his own speaker and considering ways of adapting the structure and materials to improve the efficiency of the speaker and the quality of sound produced.

Tom investigated modern impact attenuators, commonly known as crash barriers. He combined theory from Physics with technical skills in the Design and Technology department to build a model car and crash barrier systems. The assessor was particularly impressed with the detail in his report and the slow-motion video evidence of his crashes.

We are so impressed with you all, and thank you to Mrs Loy, STEM coordinator, for assisting them with their preparation towards achieving their award.