Message from the Head

Prep School
14 Jan 22

It has been fantastic to see the children really getting stuck into School life over the last ten days and, with clubs up and running this week, they have been showing their enthusiasm for both the academic and enrichment aspects of School life.

We began the week with my Head’s Assembly when I returned to this year’s theme of ‘How to make a better world’. I deviated away from Keilly Swift’s book of this title, to focus on the life of Archbishop Desmond Tutu who sadly passed away over the Christmas break. The children learned about the ways in which Desmond Tutu endeavoured to make the world a better place and the older children enjoyed watching some videos of Tutu and the Dalai Lama chatting together; two old friends who had differing faiths but shared values. In their assembly, our Pre-Prep children listened to a reading of the book God’s Dream. This excellent story, written by Desmond Tutu, sends a resounding message about inclusivity and acceptance and the fact that we were all created to work together for the good of all people. In next week’s assemblies, we will be discussing the importance of celebrating our heritage so it would be lovely if parents and grandparents could talk with their child/children a little about family heritage and any important traditions or festivals, as well special music or food. I will also be encouraging the children to research the history of where they live and to ask older relatives to share photographs and stories about their history, too. The SVS ethos of each cares for all and individuality is cherished means we value, immensely, celebrating the heritage of every member of our community and I very much look forward to talking to the children and learning about their own cultures, family histories, celebrations and traditions.

At the start of term, we were delighted to appoint Ishaan and Xanthe as our Heads of School for this term. Both children are wonderful role models with their exemplary manners and care for those around them and they have made a super start to their tenure. We also announced our new team of Prefects and this week they have made a very positive start to embracing their roles and undertaking their new jobs. One of the key aspects of SVPS life is the Leadership and Service journey and so all our Year 6 children are given the opportunity to be a Prefect during their final year at SVPS. It is always a joy to see the pupils rising to the challenge, and sometimes even surprising themselves, as they develop and hone their leadership skills. I have no doubt this term’s cohort will do themselves, and the School, proud!

Miss Corkran