Message from the Head – 11th June 2021

Senior School
11 Jun 21

In this week’s assembly, Mr Watkins reinforced the SuperHoot learning powers of independence, initiative, reflection, empathy, flexibility, tenacity, bravery, curiosity, originality and collaboration. He then showed us a wonderful video of an owl that demonstrated the importance of listening carefully. 

Listening is a skill that links all ten of our learning powers and, because he is an owl, SuperHoot is an outstanding listener. Mr Watkins reminded us of the well-known phrase ‘we have two ears and one mouth, so we should listen more than we say’. In reality, this can be a hard skill to master but if we do, we have the opportunity to understand each other, and the world around us, a bit better. Earnest Hemmingway said “when people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen”. There is, of course, a difference between hearing and listening. When we listen, we pick up many more details than we do when we simply hear one another. If we only hear information, we are in danger of not fully understanding the subject we are being presented with, so active listening is our focus for the second half of this term.

I am very much looking forward to actively listening to our Year 5 musicians later today, as we film their Informal Concert and then next week, our youngest musicians will have their opportunity to perform and listen to one another in their own Pre-Prep concert. I am sure the LAMDA examiners in School next week are also very much looking forward to listening to the children taking exams from Year 2 to 5 and wish all the children involved the very best for their exams! Move up morning takes place next week, too, and I have no doubt that will also involve a great deal of listening, as well as talking as the form teachers and their pupils as they get to know each other. The teachers are also looking forward to seeing parents at their virtual meetings on Monday evening when they will discuss life in their particular year group and what you and your children can expect in September.

One of the things the last year or so has forced us to consider is the concept of living in the moment. Planning ahead has become incredibly difficult and adapting plans, again and again, has become the norm. We very much hope that after Monday’s announcement concerning the roadmap, we will be in a position to share our plans for the events due to take place at School from 21st June onwards. At this stage, I can let you know that we expect to hold our Year 3 to 6 Speech Day over at the Senior School in the Sports Hall. The hall is considerably bigger than any space we have here at the Prep School, which means we can have more spacing and better ventilation. More details will follow once we have the up-to-date Government guidance. We are also planning to have three assemblies for our Reception to Year 2 children instead of one big event and again, we will provide more information as soon as we can.

This week, it has been wonderful to see our children enjoying the much longed for sunshine in our beautiful setting. At last, the weather is cooperating with us and we have certainly been making the most of it. It looks as though this weekend could be a scorcher so I hope you can all get outside and enjoy it!

Miss Corkran, Head