Message from Head Girl – 19th June 2020

Senior School
19 Jun 20

This week, our Head Girl, Lydia A (Year 6), tells us all about her Virtual Induction Day that she attended at our Senior School.

‘This week I did my Induction Day at SVS. Of course, this was different from other years because it was done completely online. Prior to the day, we received a hand-delivered mystery package that we weren’t allowed to open until we were in the Zoom meeting with our new Tutor. To my surprise, it contained a house T-shirt, a postcard of the School and a card with French written on one side and Spanish on the other. We put on our T-shirts straight away and I was excited to find out I was in Lambe’s (the Red House). 

After this, we had a series of lessons which included Science, PE, Maths and Junior Leadership. The Science lesson was my favourite. We had to do a series of experiments. The best experiment was putting Mentos mints into a bottle of Diet Coke. Perhaps you could try this at home? It makes quite a mess so best to do it outside!

At the end of the day, we all met again with our Tutor. We had to decide which language we wanted to take in First Form and hold up our card. I chose Spanish, as it is the second most used language in the world (after Mandarin), so I thought it would be very useful (sorry Madame Buttle!).’