LWOST Trip to the Big Cat Sanctuary

Senior School
7 Jul 21

This week, a group of Fourth Form Design and Technology students was able to gain an understanding of the different cats and the different enrichment activities that take place at The Big Cat Sanctuary. The visit was extremely informative, and the staff were so knowledgeable and passionate about their work.

All animals, including cats, face a number of challenges in captivity, for which they are not equipped. The climatic conditions, the food provided, and the size and nature of captive habitats are very different from what exists in the wild or natural habitat. 

It is these issues that The Big Cat Sanctuary endeavour to avoid as they are committed to providing the best possible lives for their cats in captivity, stimulating them both mentally and physically on a daily basis.

When the students returned to School, they spent time in the Design and Technology centre discussing enrichment products and systems which might benefit the cats and potentially generate additional income. The Design and Technology department runs an extra-curricular group for innovative students who will continue to develop these ideas, with the aim to present these to The Big Cat Sanctuary in the near future.

We can’t thank Tanith and James enough for our visit, and SVS truly look forward to continuing our partnership with the sanctuary in the future.