Lord Lieutenant of Kent Awards

Senior School
14 Oct 22

This week saw Major Millbery, CCF Contingent Commander, attend the Lord Lieutenant of Kent Awards to honour Major Prem Ale, our CCF Adjutant. Lord-Lieutenant’s Certificates for Meritorious Service were instituted in order to afford public recognition to those members of the Cadet Forces whose efforts are not recognised in the twice-yearly Honours Lists. The Lord-Lieutenant’s Certificate thus ranks second to the King’s Honours Lists.

Each recipient of the Lord-Lieutenant’s Certificates for Meritorious Service marches to stand next to the Lord Lieutenant of Kent, The Lady Colgrain, whilst a citation, detailing reasons for the award, is read. You can read the citation for Major Ale below:

“Major Ale joined Sutton Valence School CCF as its SSI in 2011. Since joining the CCF, he has made a tremendous impact on both the officers and the cadets. There are very few events and activities that we attend where his reputation has not preceded him.

He has supported the cadets in their journey both before, during and after COVID both in person and online. He is a dynamic, dedicated, reliable and professional individual, who uses all his knowledge and experience for the benefit of the cadets and officers. He is a natural leader, instructor and mentor.

He has been instrumental in increasing both the number of cadets and adults into Sutton Valence School CCF and is always available to offer guidance and assistance to anyone regardless of service or rank.

Major Ale has used his contacts to the benefit of the CCF arranging visits to Sandhurst, Gibraltar, as well as Brunei and Nepal. All who have attended have returned from these visits with knowledge that has enhanced their leadership and life skills and delivered that unique cadet experience in abundance.

For his enthusiasm, commitment and dedication to the CCF I wholeheartedly recommend Major Ale for a Meritorious Service Award”.

Last year, The Lady Colgrain appointed Cadet Warrant Officer Andrew Loy to be one of her Lord Lieutenant’s Cadets and it was especially pleasing to see him at the event as he handed over his duties to the new intake.