London Art Trip

Senior School
21 Oct 22

On Friday 17th October, the Lower Sixth Art students, along with some additional keen photographers, travelled to Shoreditch in East London to be led on a street art tour, guided by a leading UK street art critic and journalist, Dave Stuart.

They saw the work of multiple artists with varied techniques and styles including the works of Banksy, who works with stencils, WRDSMITH with printing on stickers and Nylon with spray paint. The artworks viewed by the students also showed how current events and issues could be used to create thought-provoking and often humorous pieces with vibrant colours and contrasts.

In the afternoon, they visited the ‘Lucian Freud: New Perspectives’ exhibition at the National Gallery. This first major exhibition of Lucian Freud’s work in ten years brings together paintings from more than seven decades. Seeing the paintings in the flesh was a major source of inspiration for many of the students’ own portrait and figure-based projects.