Creativity and Constructs

Senior School
21 Oct 22

GCSE Photography student, Elyse Ratcliffe (Fifth Form), is focusing her final project on the theme ‘Constructs’. She chose this theme because of her interest in Architecture.

Elyse has chosen a range of photographers who have inspired her research and developments to study. They include Johnathon Jimenez – for how he captures abandoned spaces, Nico Goodden – for his interesting photographs of graffiti, David Gutierrez – for his London Underground photos, and Angus Vasili – for his interesting collages and compositions.

In her photography, she is trying to capture the combination of constructs that surround our daily lives, using a DSLR camera to capture these shots from a range of artistic viewpoints and angles.

Elyse is really enjoying looking at this subject matter as it gives her the opportunity to be creative and see architecture and landscapes from a new perspective. Photography is something Elyse is very passionate about; she is able to capture a moment in a second which will never be repeated again. The Photography course allows her the opportunity to learn and create unique outcomes through editing on Adobe Photoshop and other hands-on experimentation.