Lockdown Reflections

Senior School
26 Feb 21

Our Fourth Form Photography students were given a two-week assignment called ‘Reflections’, where they analysed the work of three photographers, such as Sebastian Magnani, who capture double viewpoints by using mirrors in outside environments. 

They used a small round or square mirror and roamed their immediate environment to produce a photoshoot of at least 50 photos exploring mirror reflections and a variety of lighting in outside environments.

Alice Chew (Fourth Form) did her assignment very successfully, working remotely from Hong Kong and contributed some very unique viewpoints to share. We were lucky that the assignment also coincided with the snow, so many students incorporated this into their images.

Katy Barr

Alice Chew

Olivia Farrell

Edith McNair

Olivia Taylor

Olivia Thorogood

Grace Wright