Lent Term Learning Powers

Prep School
13 Jan 23

For a brand new year, we have launched two brand new Learning Powers – Observation and Excellence. Mr Watkins shared some visual puzzles with the children, which required them not only to look carefully, but also to think about what they were seeing to find the answers. The key skill of listening was also highlighted as part of the definition of Observation from Science, where all the senses can provide important feedback about the object being observed.

The idea of Excellence at SVPS is very much framed as being the best that you can be, rather than necessarily focusing on your position within your peer group for a particular area. This Excellence only comes from a determination to learn from mistakes and to constantly improve. Mr Watkins shared two quotes with the children, which emphasised these messages; one from Maya Angelou, who said “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” and one from William Gladstone, who explained that “No-one ever became great except through many and great mistakes”.

With the introduction of these two new Learning Powers, we have reached a total of 12, in six pairs, which will be revisited every year, with particular emphasis on each set for half a term each. They feature in a lot of the conversations that staff have with children, both in and out of the classroom and the most pleasing aspect is the children’s increasing ability to talk about the Learning Powers themselves.