Leeds Castle Run

Senior School
27 Sep 19

We arrived at Leeds Castle with the sun coming out to cheer us on. Feeling excited, but also a little nervous, we set off down the scenic path to be signed in.

As we headed to the start, we were all gearing ourselves up mentally and raring to go!  We had a bit of time to stretch and take some photos of the beautiful black swans and lake – a lovely distraction from the pre-race nerves! The man on the tannoy told us all to get into our race places so we did, wishing each other good luck. He counted down from three and we were off! At first, the course seemed okay… then the first hill, the second hill, and about five other challenging hills after!

It was a tough course but a great atmosphere and fun to see people dressed up as bananas. One great thing about the run was the cheering and support given to everyone, it was very motivating. The shiny medal at the end and big buckets of Haribo made those tricky hills worthwhile!!

Thanks to all who came and took part, a special thanks to Mrs Manning, Mrs Palmer, Miss Radford and Mrs Horley for taking part with us and organising us. 

Harriet Onions
Third Form