CADSAAM Shooting

Senior School
27 Sep 19

On Friday 20th September, the Shooting team, made up of: Thomas Arthur (Fifth Form), Isabelle Eyers (Upper Sixth Form and captain) and Callum Davis (Fourth Form), were asked to go to the 11th CADSAAM shooting meet. We arrived in time to zero our rifles, which ensures they shoot straight before we retreated to the wonderful Brunswick camp for dinner. 

Saturday brought us the first of the shooting for the weekend. The team started with the Snap Shoot where we managed respectable scores all round, we continued to three other shoots, with my favourite being the Urban Match and definitely our best shoot, but this was undoubtedly the strongest shoot for our competitors too. Dylan managed to get a perfect score on the Urban Match of 100 points, we felt certain of winning and receiving the promise of promotion by Major Prem. Once the shooting was over, we returned to base and waited with excitement for the prize presentation. We managed a respectable third in the Snap Shoot which was a good result.

The Sunday was expected to be a short day, rain was forecast, and we had the best shoot that any competition has to offer, the Falling Plates. We started off well but Vyne Academy was stronger, it was a tough battle but we were knocked out in the first round. The shoot swiftly ended with Charterhouse A winning the Falling Plates and the team came home with our bronze medals and looking forward to next year.

Callum Davis
Fourth Form