Learning about Food Banks

Prep School
20 Jan 23

English lessons are a wonderful way to incorporate cross-curricular links and discuss current affairs across the globe. In Year 4, the children have begun studying ‘The Great Food Bank Heist’ by Onjali Q Raúf. This powerful text respectfully raises awareness of the use of food banks within the UK. Following the lives of mum, Nelson and Ashley, the children will put their ‘whodunnit’ skills to the test, investigating who, how and why food within their food bank donation trolleys is being stolen.

Before commencing the text, the children researched food banks and the charity, the Trussell Trust, to help them understand the whole concept. From this, they made mood boards to express their knowledge and emotions. Since then, some children have already said that they have made donations at their local supermarket; what a wonderful display of the Superhoot Learning Power of Empathy!