James Shone Visit 2021

Senior School
10 Sep 21

Special guest, and friend of the School, James Shone has been delivering a powerful message to our students over the last few days. Scarlett Washington (Lower Sixth) reports, “we have had the opportunity to listen to James talk about the adversity that he has overcome. After such a difficult two years, it was refreshing to listen to someone showing us that not only is it possible to overcome adversity, it can make us stronger to do so.

James Shone was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2012 and it changed his life forever. He underwent surgery to remove the tumour and ended up losing his sight as a result. He spoke about his struggle with accepting his new life and the limitations that he faced. Even though his life had been majorly upset, he managed to gain a brilliantly positive outlook on life. His talk highlighted just how essential a positive attitude is and how it can change your entire life.

James Shone spoke to us about lifting each other up, reinforcing the community within SVS by creating a place where everyone can belong and gaining a positive mindset to achieve anything we want. Overall it was such an inspiring talk from someone who really knows just how difficult some people’s lives can be. I know that we have all taken away a great deal from his talk.”