Humanities Round Up

Senior School
15 Nov 19

In Religious Studies in Year 3, the children have been learning about Divali.  They have heard the story of Rama and Sita and are now looking at how Hindus celebrate Divali.  This week they made Divali cards, thinking about what kind of pictures to put on the front and the messages that they could write on the cards.

For Year 4 Humanities, the children have been finding out about the Ancient Romans including the legend of how Rome was founded. They have been learning about  Rome’s social structure and organisation, what daily life was like, the life of a gladiator and about ancient gods and goddesses.  They used a range of sources to carry out research, reflecting on what life was like then and looking for similarities and differences with society today.  Year 4 pupils spent the past week consolidating what they had learned so far by creating board games to play with friends, based on the things they now know about the Ancient Romans.

In Year 5 Humanities, the children have been looking at Maps in their Tudor topic and have compared Modern towns and Tudor towns.  They have listed the similarities and differences and are drawing concept maps of the towns labelling these points.  They have also looked at the first Global circumnavigation of the Earth by Sir Francis Drake and investigated where his journey took him.  

In Year 6 Humanities, the children have been focusing on the Victorians.  During their lessons, the pupils have learnt a lot about their way of life and how it is different to ours.  Last week, the class was split into six small groups and they were set the task of creating an information poster under the following topics: Clothing, Food, Housing, Schools, Work and Jobs, Inventions and The British Empire.  Keep an eye out around room 11, where in the next few days you will be able to learn even more about the Victorians!

Mr Evans

Head of Humanities