Head’s Lines – 8th October 2021

Senior School
8 Oct 21

One of the things I love most about my job is popping into lessons and observing the learning and teaching in all parts of the School. Today we have welcomed a number of visitors to our Open Day and they, too, have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to see, from a distance, what goes on during a typical SVPS day.

Earlier this week, I joined Year 6 during their Art class and it was wonderful to see the children so engaged and inspired by their lesson. Indeed I, too, left the room feeling inspired and so I decided that I will be linking Art with next week’s Black History Month assembly and talk to the children about two fascinating African American Artists, Alma Woodsey Thomas and sculptor Augusta Savage. Our own resident artist, Mrs Savage, is currently on a mission to ensure SVPS is awarded an Artsmark in the next couple of years and I have no doubt that she will be successful given the impressive level of creativity that is evident not just in Art lessons, but across all areas of the curriculum.

Today’s visitors have all particularly noticed the warm rapport that is evident between children of all ages and between staff and pupils. I have also enjoyed hearing their feedback on how polite, friendly and welcoming the children have been when they have encountered them around the site. It is always so heart-warming to see how proud the children are of their School and how happily they go about their daily lives. The new format of our Open Day has meant we have had a strict appointment system and our visitors have seen our School on a normal Friday without any special events put in place with which to wow them. It turns out, what we do on a normal Friday is a ‘wow’ as it is; something I already knew because I am privileged enough to be ‘wowed’ at SVPS every day of the week!

Miss Corkran, Head