Head’s Lines – 03.02.23

Prep School
3 Feb 23

As promised, we will launch the parent survey next Monday. Run by RS Academics who carried out a similar survey at the Senior School last year, parents will have until Wednesday 22nd February to complete the survey. It should take around 20 minutes to complete and it will be entirely anonymous, hence the external provider. Further instructions and a link will be provided in a separate letter on Monday next week.

Thank you to all parents who participated in the Phonics and Reading Workshop and coffee morning this week. There was a palpable buzz around the building before, during and after your visits and we are grateful for the lovely feedback that we have received since, not least for our staff. Teaching children to read has certainly changed since most of us learnt, so understanding the latest science behind how children learn this critical skill helps us all to work together to achieve the fluent, confident and happy readers of tomorrow.

With Safer Internet Day next week, something we will be marking variously throughout the week, we would like to remind parents that any pupils who bring a mobile phone to School should hand these in at the School Office on arrival. We have also noticed a number of children bringing expensive smartwatches into School; these should not be worn by any pupil please, although a simple analogue watch will help our younger children learn to tell the time and an inexpensive analogue or digital watch will help our older children develop their independence and might help them get to music and drama lessons and prefect duties on time!

And finally, we look forward to sharing the discussions from the latest Parent Consultation Group meeting this afternoon and good luck to all parents and staff participating in the SVPSPA Quiz this evening.

Have a good weekend.