Headmaster’s Headlines – 8th October 2021

Senior School
8 Oct 21

In assembly today, following a moment of reflection on the challenging last couple of days, I talked about gratitude for those who guide and support us. In particular, I applauded all the staff at the School and I encouraged all the students to do the same. Wednesday was World Teachers’ Day where schools around the world take the opportunity to acknowledge their teachers. In a community like SVS, which is so broad, I think it is important to also acknowledge all of the staff on both the academic and administrative/support side too. We are provided with a beautiful, supportive and caring environment and we are very lucky indeed.

Last Saturday, we had a full Open Day where we had the chance to share the School with a number of prospective parents and pupils. It was lovely to read many messages about how well our students conducted themselves – whether they were involved formally or not – and how they showed the School at its very best, despite it taking place just as the colossal rains started to come. It certainly did not dampen spirits. Similar comments came from Hamish de Bretton-Gordon who delivered the first Kingdon Society lecture on Wednesday. He told us how impressed he was with the stimulating conversation with some of our Upper Sixth beforehand, and also the insightful questions during his fascinating talk. He even tweeted afterwards, ‘I feel more educated’. We will be sharing the recording in due course.

It really feels as though Autumn has arrived. I learnt this on Thursday morning when I, rather ungracefully, slipped on a conker which was by the steps of my study. No harm was done and my suit was still intact (!) but it did raise a smile or two showing how important it is that we keep our eyes wide open and appreciate our surroundings!

Best wishes for the weekend,

James Thomas