Greek Vase Visuals

Prep School
2 Dec 22

Inspired by Greek vases, children in Year 3 have created visually pleasing and informative sketchbook pages. The artistic historians used their Super Power of Looking to inform their drawings and reflect the style of the amazing ancient vases. Greek vases came in many shapes and sizes, from enormous water and wine mixing Kraters to tall, tiny oil holding Lekythos.

They carefully observed their forms and drew examples of different types of vases using pen, pencils and pastels. Vases told a story so the children looked closely at the images decorating the vases. Mythical creatures, gods, goddesses, battles and geometric patterns made their sketchbook pages come alive with decorative details. Greek vases were works of art, carefully sculpted by potters and beautifully painted by artists. Their sketchbook research pages were creative masterpieces too, as the children used different media and techniques to create their glorious Greek vase visuals.