Grandparents’ Day 2022 – SVPS

Prep School
6 May 22

On Tuesday, the School was delighted to host Grandparents’ Day. Miss Corkran, Head, and Mr Watkins, Deputy Head, reflect on the day below.

“After so many years, we had a huge number of guests who were absolutely delighted by all they saw, all they met and all they ate! The children did a great job with their tours, showing how proud they are of their school, and the wonderful displays and classrooms were commented on time and again. It was also fantastic to begin the afternoon with the Chamber Choir bringing a tear to many eyes!” – Miss Claire Corkran, Head.

“How wonderful it was to see the Bates Hall full of hustle and bustle, brought to a hush for a few words from Miss Corkran and the singing of our Chamber Choir, only to be followed by what could, perhaps accurately be described as organised chaos, as excited children showed off everything they love about their School. All of this was followed by the most important of community activities, a good feed, with cakes, scones and brownies galore, washed down with copious amounts of tea, coffee and squash.” – Mr James Watkins, Deputy Head.

You can view photographs from the day here: SVPS Grandparents’ Day