Going Green

Prep School
10 Feb 23

Pupils in Year 4 got to green up their act in a cross-curricular workshop that focused on discussing green issues in the home, at school, and in a global context. It raised the children’s awareness of environmental issues and how they could actively keep going green to protect our planet.

Making use of redundant materials, the children created new and useful objects from what they formerly regarded as rubbish. An empty 1 litre juice carton became a handy wallet, recycled cardboard and old maps were transformed into useful notebooks and natural materials like cork evolved into colourful fish.

The Upcycling and Recycling workshop was informative, fun and hands-on. Enthusiastically, the children embraced learning about environmental issues, some super technological solutions (like drones planting trees), earthships (self-reliant homes built from tyres, dirt and rubbish) and extending their Design and Technology skills.
Hopefully, their renewed eco-awareness will spread and encourage our SVPS community to keep going green too!