2G’s Global Warming Assembly 

Prep School
10 Feb 23

Children in 2G performed their class assembly this week. Their aim was to inform Pre-Prep about global warming and how we can all help our planet. The children explained global warming by demonstrating how our planet is wrapped in a blanket and that pollution cannot escape. ‘Doctor Magnus’ demonstrated how the Earth is poorly as it is becoming too hot. 2G were excited to compete against their parents in a children versus parent global warming quiz. The prize…if the parents won, the children would have to do something kind for their parents (parents could have their say over what this was), if the children won, extra Golden Time (a precious time in Year 2).

Luckily for the children, they won the quiz with a bonus point tipping them into first place as they named the part of the seal that polar bears like to eat. 2G told Pre-Prep what they will do to help Earth by switching off lights, ensuring they turn off devices that are not being used, recycling to stop trees from being cut down, eating less meat and wanting to drive electric cars when they are older. Their main message to everyone is “This is our warning to stop global warming!”