Geography Trip – Reculver

Senior School
2 Jul 21

On Tuesday, the Lower Sixth Geography students battled the wet weather conditions like true geographers during their trip to Reculver. 

Stretching their legs after the journey, the students walked along the North Kent coast spotting signs of weathering and erosion along the cliff face. The students then conducted their own inquiry on how wave direction and energy can influence the size and spread of sediment.

In small groups, the pupils decided what data they should collect to try to answer their questions. This was a great opportunity for them to use a range of fieldwork techniques and have the chance to use equipment, from French flags to anemometers, to collect the most appropriate data.

The pupils will be using the results from their enquiry to help understand how the landscape of Reculver has changed over the years as they embark on their coastal environments topic.

Thank you to Mr Downs, Mr Evans and Miss Sagrott for organising a great trip.