DofE First Aid Training

Senior School
2 Jul 21

It is not only the pupils that need to undergo refresher first aid training, as our staff are also required to update their knowledge and skills.

Over two days, eight staff members were put through the Wilderness First Aid training course. The first day was all about dealing with medical emergencies that were within two hours of assistance. The course, run by Adtrex, was very scenario-based with staff being split into two groups and alternating as first aiders and accident victims – including a kayaker who had fallen in the water, a climber who had taken a tumble and Major Prem who had managed to get stuck under a desk! They were assessed on how they took control of the situation and delivered first aid. They were also trained to deliver abdominal thrusts using a training vest – a first for all the staff.

The second day was geared towards situations that occurred where help was more than two hours away and direct intervention was required to maintain life.  This included a lot of improvisation of equipment and a problem-solving exercise on building stretchers from the contents of a DofE pack.  The final assessment included having to deal with a snake bite.

We are pleased to say that all the staff passed the course, but naturally, we hope they never need to put their skills to use!